Streaming service Netflix has announced that Canadian users will no longer have access to its cheapest ad-free streaming subscription. This is reported by Gizmodo.

With the cancellation of the Basic plan, users who were used to paying $9.99 CAD per month are now forced to either switch to the $5.99 ad-supported plan or pay $16.49 CAD per month for the Standard plan. This tier offers simultaneous streaming on two devices and some other video quality improvements.

The streaming service introduced these changes inconspicuously. The company has confirmed that they only affect Canadian Netflix users for now. However, given that the company often gradually distributes changes in its service gradually, starting with individual countries, it is quite possible that the innovation will also affect Europe, where the basic tariff costs 9.99 euros.

Netflix introduced ad-supported pricing late last year. At first it was thought to be one of the least popular on the platform. But in early 2023, the plan gained some popularity, at least according to Netflix’s internal data.

We will remind that in May Netflix clarified the terms of the joint use of US viewer accounts. The new terms will also apply in the UK.