Netflix has decided to add another button to the viewer’s possible reactions to the viewed content. Now the user of the service can not only hit a thumbs up if they enjoyed something and a thumbs down for a movie or series they did not enjoy, but also choose double thumbs up in case they were delighted with what they saw. The company claims that this feature was highly requested by the subscribers, and will generate better personal recommendations.

The thumbs up / thumbs down response system was introduced in 2017 when Netflix decided to give up the traditional five-point rating as obsolete. This decision should have simplified the evaluation of the content reviewed, but it seems to have simplified it a little too much. Now there are two more reactions to add: “I didn’t like it at all” and “So-so” and we can assume that the five-point system is not as outdated as it seemed.

Netflix adds a Two Thumbs Up button