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Not only in the EU: Japan is also preparing a legal framework to force Apple to allow iOS apps to be installed outside the App Store

The European Digital Markets Act (DMA) will, among other things, force Apple to allow the installation of applications outside the company’s App Store and allow payment for it by other means. No matter how much Apple tries to fight back, it will have to agree to this and implement the ... Read more

Google Play will be able to remotely uninstall apps from other devices

In version 38.8 of Google Play, you will be able to remotely uninstall apps from other devices. This was reported by TheSpandroid. Users will be able to uninstall apps from all devices with a shared account, including TVs, smartwatches with WearOS, Android Auto, and even PCs. The feature will work ... Read more

Google to pay $700 million to settle Google Play lawsuit

Google has agreed to pay $700 million to ensure greater competition in the Google Play app store. The company will comply with these conditions as part of an antitrust settlement with US states and consumers, writes Reuters. As you know, Google was accused of overcharging consumers through illegal restrictions on ... Read more

Epic Games wins a high-profile case against Google, but the tech giant is preparing to appeal

Epic Games has won a high-profile antitrust case against Google. Fortnite developers sued the tech giant for monopolizing the Google Play app store. This is reported by Reuters. Epic Games accused Google of taking measures to eliminate competitors and charging app developers unreasonably high fees of up to 30%. Among ... Read more

SpyLoan malware downloaded more than 12 million times from Google Play

More than a dozen malware lending apps, commonly known as SpyLoan, have been downloaded more than 12 million times from Google Play, reports BleepingComputer. These are apps that offer users the opportunity to borrow money quickly and easily. However, their real purpose is to deceive users by offering high-interest loans ... Read more

Apple and Google announce the best apps of 2023

Apple and Google announced the best apps of the year on Google Play and the App Store. Despite the incredible popularity of ChatGPT and other similar programs, none of the companies chose an AI application. Google Play chose Imprint: Learn Visually, an app that teaches psychology, philosophy, history, finance, leadership, ... Read more

Google agrees to pay $8 billion to be the default search engine on Samsung devices

Google has agreed to pay Samsung Electronics $8 billion over four years to allow its search engine, voice assistant, and app store to be used by default on the company’s mobile devices. This became known during a lawsuit between Epic Games and Google, writes Bloomberg. Epic Games’ lawyer presented the ... Read more

Google tightens rules for developers publishing their apps on Google Play

Google continues to tighten rules and requirements for developers who publish their apps on Google Play. From now on, developers will need to test their apps for 2 weeks with at least 20 users. The day before, developers also tested their apps, but it was more optional, and from now ... Read more

Google offered Epic Games $147 million to launch Fortnite in the Google Play store

Google offered Epic Games $147 million for the game developer to launch the popular shooter Fortnite in the Google Play store for Android, writes The Verge. This became known during the court case between Google and Epic. The tech giant’s offer stipulated that the developer would receive money within three ... Read more

Google Play will scan apps downloaded from outside the official store before installing them

To protect users from malicious users who distribute malware in non-Google Play apps, the company is updating Play Protect and expanding its scanning features, reports 9to5Google. When users try to install an app that was not downloaded from Google Play, they will see a prompt with two options: scan the ... Read more

Google Play is changing its policy to allow app developers to integrate NFTs into games

Google has updated its policy to allow app developers to integrate digital assets such as NFTs into their games via Google Play. This was stated by the product manager of the company Joseph Mills, writes TechCrunch. Apps must be “transparent with users about tokenized digital assets” and developers can’t “promote ... Read more

An app on Google Play secretly recorded and forwarded audio on Android devices to attackers

The legal app iRecorder Screen Recorder, which has been installed by over 50,000 users, secretly recorded audio on Android devices and sent it to the app’s developer. This was reported by ESET researcher Lukas Stefanko, writes Ars Technica. The app appeared on Google Play in September 2021 as a harmless ... Read more

Google Play will require all Android apps to allow users to delete data

In an effort to improve data security in the Play Store, Google has announced that all Android apps must allow users to delete their account data. The Data Safety section of the Play Store now allows developers to notify users that they can “request all the data deleted.” In the ... Read more

16 apps with a total of more than 20 million downloads were removed from Google Play due to advertising fraud

Problems with third-party apps are nothing new. Most of these are either set up for phishing in an attempt to get hold of the user’s data, or in various ways spin advertisements when the user of the device does not even suspect that their smartphone is now working for the ... Read more

The Ukrainian game Quadline is among the winners of the Google Play indie games festival

Google Play named this year’s Indie Games Festival winners. Among the games from Europe, the minimalist puzzle Quadline by Ivan Kovalov from Kyiv received an award. Ivan Kovalov is a designer, musician, indie developer who lives in Kyiv. And this is not the first time that an artist wins Google ... Read more

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Google Play, the store changed its logo and accordingly increases bonuses (not in Ukraine)

It’s been 10 years since the app store for the Android mobile operating system changed its name. Before that, it was called Android Market, and now it is known to everyone as Google Play. The statistics are impressive: the store is used by 2.5 billion people per month from 190 ... Read more

GDPR has made it more difficult to create applications for Android, but their quality has improved

European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) by one third decreased the number of Android applications in the Google Play Store. Due to the introduction of new rules, the development of applications has become more expensive, and profits from them have decreased. In the new research they say that reducing the number ... Read more

Google Play will remove apps for recording calls

In 2020, Google rejected plans to create a separate API for recording phone calls. And now it plans to remove such applications from Google Play, because they use Accessibility API, which is designed for people with hearing and visual impairments. The Google Play Support Page contains a new policy , ... Read more