Google has agreed to pay Samsung Electronics $8 billion over four years to allow its search engine, voice assistant, and app store to be used by default on the company’s mobile devices. This became known during a lawsuit between Epic Games and Google, writes Bloomberg.

Epic Games’ lawyer presented the agreement with Samsung as an example of agreements that Google entered into four years ago with mobile phone manufacturers using the Android operating system.

Another interesting detail emerged during the testimony of Google’s vice president of partnerships James Koloturos. According to him, Samsung devices provide half or even more of all Google Play revenues.

As you know, the developer of the popular Fortnite game is trying to show that Alphabet executives sought to prevent the proliferation of third-party app stores that would reduce Google Play’s operating profit.

This testimony follows the evidence that Epic Games presented last week. According to the company, Google was so concerned about game developers releasing their products independently that it was ready to spend millions to convince them to stay on Google Play.