Google continues to tighten rules and requirements for developers who publish their apps on Google Play. From now on, developers will need to test their apps for 2 weeks with at least 20 users.

The day before, developers also tested their apps, but it was more optional, and from now on, all newly registered accounts that want to publish their apps will have to test them.

This will allow developers to test their app, identify issues, get feedback, and ensure that everything is ready before they launch. Developers who create new personal developer accounts will start seeing this requirement in Play Console in the coming days.

Another change that Google is implementing is an increase in investment in reviewing apps before they become available to all users.

To ensure we continue to provide a safe and trusted experience, our global review teams now spend more time assessing new apps to make sure they provide a valuable user experience that does not deceive or defraud users, either via the app or off-Play activity, and complies with our policies.

According to the company, these changes will mainly affect applications that are developed for children or that require certain device permissions.

Google will also now highlight warnings about how a particular app may work on different types of devices and create more quality local or regional content.

Starting next year, the company also plans to add a marker that will indicate official government programs.