The European Digital Markets Act (DMA) will, among other things, force Apple to allow the installation of applications outside the company’s App Store and allow payment for it by other means. No matter how much Apple tries to fight back, it will have to agree to this and implement the decision in 2024. And it seems not only in the EU.

Japanese antitrust authorities have been investigating Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook since 2020. In three years, they have come to the conclusion that Apple and Google really dominate the app market, and at the same time have collected a “collection” of complaints about the App Store policy from developers.

According to 9to5Mac with reference to Nikkei Asia, Japan is already developing a law that will provide for alternative methods of installing applications and payment in Apple and Google products.

In general, the draft law applies not only to app stores and payment, but also to search, browsers, and operating systems. More details will be revealed soon (the law is expected to be ready in the spring of 2024).

However, it is already clear that the requirements will be very similar to the European DMA. According to insiders, Apple is still preparing to allow side-loading in iOS. However, of course, this option will be available only in those countries where it is required by law.