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Vision Pro owners have started returning the headset. What’s the reason?

Some owners of Vision Pro started posting on social media that they had returned the headset due to discomfort while using it, writes The Verge. Former owners say that the headset gives them headaches and motion sickness. Other users also complain about the weight of the device and the design ... Read more

You can now restore access to Vision Pro yourself

Vision Pro owners had an unusual problem – they had to go to the Apple Store to restore access to the headset. However, Apple has already taken user feedback into account and released an update that fixes this situation. According to MacRumors, the company has released a new version of ... Read more

To recover your Vision Pro password, you need to contact the Apple Store

Vision Pro owners who have forgotten their device’s password have only one option: contact the Apple Store, reported by Bloomberg. Apple support is also puzzled by this situation, as they were not prepared for the influx of dissatisfied headset owners who cannot regain access to the device on their own. ... Read more

Apple has sold about 200 thousand Vision Pro

Apple has sold approximately 200 thousand Vision Pro headsets since pre-orders began on January 19. This was reported by MacRumors, citing its own sources familiar with the company’s sales. According to preliminary reports by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, about 160-180 thousand headsets were sold during the pre-order week, so it looks ... Read more

Pre-orders for Apple Vision Pro have reached 160,000 to 180,000 units, but demand for the headset is not growing

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared an analysis of pre-orders for Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset, which shows that the company was able to sell 160 000 to 180 000 units during the first weekend. The instant sellout and subsequent extension of delivery times to 5-7 weeks initially seemed like a ... Read more

YouTube, Spotify and Netflix won’t make accessories for Apple Vision Pro

YouTube and Spotify, the leading video and music streaming platforms, have decided not to develop their own apps for Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The decision follows a similar move by Netflix, according to Bloomberg. YouTube said that it will not launch a new app for the Vision ... Read more

Apple plans to give Vision Pro buyers a 25-minute headset demo

Customers interested in purchasing Apple’s new Vision Pro headset may have to prepare for a comprehensive in-store experience, reports Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Beginning February 2, select Apple Stores in the United States will offer a detailed 25-minute demonstration of how to use the headset. This demonstration, which was initially ... Read more

Apple may release a cheaper version of Vision Pro

Apple is working on a cheaper version of the Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The first device will cost $3,500, while the company wants to release a model that will range from $1,500 to $2,500, reports Bloomberg. The simplified version of the headset will have lower-resolution displays and use an ... Read more

Apple and Meta are preparing to release next-generation mixed reality headsets

Apple and Meta are preparing to launch their mixed reality headsets – Vision Pro and Quest 3. However, both companies are already deep into the development of next-generation models, reports Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Apple Vision Pro, which is scheduled to be released early next year, has encountered problems during ... Read more

Meta presents Quest 3 mixed reality headset

Meta has introduced Quest 3, a mixed reality headset that allows users to interact with the real world and immerse themselves in virtual worlds. In this way, Meta plans to compete with Apple’s Vision Pro headset. The base model Quest 3 with 128 GB of storage starts at $499.99 in ... Read more

Apple Vision Pro will receive apps for iPhone and iPad by default

One of the most important components of the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset is software. The company paid attention to this from the very beginning, so with the updated branded App Store, support for iPhone and iPad apps will also be available in Apple Vision Pro. This week, ... Read more

Before the start of sales, test samples of Apple Vision Pro are unlikely to be “forgotten in the bar”

Earlier this week, Apple opened applications for test versions of the Apple Vision Pro headset. For the company, this means that the gadget will leave the thick walls of its “native” laboratories and fall into the hands of third-party developers. But Apple is known for its thirst for secrecy and ... Read more

Apple has released an application SDK for visionOS. Next month, test sites will open and applications for the Vision Pro developer kit will open

Apple’s mixed reality headset presentation Vision Pro was accompanied by a promise to developers of the necessary tools to create a software component. And the company did not delay in providing the SDK. “Starting today, Apple’s global community of developers will be able to create an entirely new class of ... Read more

How will Apple Vision Pro change the industry? MacPaw engineers discuss

From June 5 to 9, the annual conference for developers from Apple – Worldwide Developers Conference was held. Along with the usual updates, Apple finally introduced the long-awaited new augmented reality device — Apple Vision Pro, which immediately caused a lot of thought and discussion. Will the Apple Vision Pro ... Read more

Zuckerberg says there are “no magical solutions” in Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s Vision Pro augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) headset doesn’t represent any major technological breakthroughs that Meta is exploring. This was stated by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, writes The Verge. “From what I’ve seen initially, I’d say the good news is that there’s no kind of magical solutions that they ... Read more

Apple acquired Mira, a startup that develops AR headsets for the military

Apple Corporation acquired the American start up Mira, which develops augmented reality headsets for other companies and the US military, reports The Verge. “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” the tech giant said. Apple reportedly hired at ... Read more

Tracking brain activity and heartbeat: one of the developers of Apple Vision Pro talked about the creation of the headset

Renowned developer Sterling Crispin shared his experience working on the Apple Vision Pro augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) headset. He spent 10% of his life on this project. This is what the developer wrote on Twitter. Much of his work at Apple is protected by a non-disclosure agreement, he said. ... Read more

Apple Vision Pro – hello, the future for $3499

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) headset Apple Vision Pro became a classic one more thing during the presentation at WWDC 2023. While on stage, the company’s CEO Tim Cook said that the new device, which Apple calls a “revolutionary spatial computer”, has become the quintessence of a decade of development. ... Read more

Why I am not waiting for VR/AR glasses from Apple

Apple is no longer hiding what should be the highlight of today’s WWDC program – VR/AR glasses. Although I have been following and describing this American company for almost 20 years, I have never waited with such indifference for its debut in a new product category. This will be the ... Read more

Apple has registered the xrOS trademark ahead of the WWDC conference

Apple has registered the xrOS trademark in New Zealand. Earlier this year, the company registered a similar trademark, so it’s safe to say that this is the name of the operating system for its upcoming headset, which should be presented at the WWDC conference. Apple will use the San Francisco ... Read more

Another MagSafe: Apple’s mixed reality headset will have a proprietary power connector

Complementing his story about the functionality of Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset, Mark Gurman also revealed more information and about the physical features of the device. Previously, an unexpected detail in the design of such a headset was an external battery. To reduce weight and increase comfort during use, the ... Read more

Apple’s mixed reality headset will initially offer the most diverse set of features to find real-world use cases

The release of new gadgets is a rather difficult process. Companies can’t always predict which features and functions users will really like. This was the case with the launch of the Apple Watch, when the “smart” watch was initially positioned as a much more functional gadget than it later became. ... Read more

Xiaomi demonstrated its wireless AR glasses

While Apple is still preparing for the announcement of the long-awaited AR-glasses, Xiaomi is already doing it. The company presented the Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition, a compact augmented reality headset that received the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 chipset (the same one installed in Quest Pro). Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass ... Read more

Apple WWDC 2023 will be the perfect event to present an AR/VR headset — Mark Gurman

Apple is putting a lot of effort into releasing its first mixed reality headset. A lot of effort and resources are spent on it, but the company faces a lot of problems and challenges during development. Due to this, the presentation of such a gadget was postponed several times. “And ... Read more

How Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset will work

While companies like Meta and Microsoft are forced to reduce their investments in virtual and mixed reality technologies due to the economic downturn, Apple continues to actively work in this direction. Famous insider Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, citing his sources, detailed how Apple’s mixed reality headset will work. The device ... Read more