Some owners of Vision Pro started posting on social media that they had returned the headset due to discomfort while using it, writes The Verge.

Former owners say that the headset gives them headaches and motion sickness. Other users also complain about the weight of the device and the design of the strap.

In addition, many people complain that the headset strains their eyes. Although this problem has long existed with virtual or mixed reality headsets, Vision Pro hasn’t been able to solve it either.

However, it’s not just comfort issues that users point out. Some owners of the headset also report that the device does not justify its price in terms of functionality.

The first generation of new products often has a problem with entertainment content or working software, and Apple’s new mixed reality headset is no exception.

Some of the owners who returned the device also noted that they would be happy to try the second generation when the problems of the first are fixed and there is more content and features.