Complementing his story about the functionality of Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset, Mark Gurman also revealed more information and about the physical features of the device.

Previously, an unexpected detail in the design of such a headset was an external battery. To reduce weight and increase comfort during use, the gadget will do without a built-in battery. Instead, it will suggest using an external one, which will of course be connected by a cable. At the same time, the battery itself can be put in a pocket.

Now Mr. Gurman has added to this information. The battery can be connected using a branded magnetic connector. It will have a round shape. For additional fixation, it will also need to be turned clockwise to lock it in. 

The battery itself will be similar in shape to an external charger MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone, although it will be slightly thicker. In turn, it will be possible to charge it using USB-C with a charging device similar to the one for MacBook Pro.

According to preliminary information, the battery will last for a maximum of two hours of work. Therefore, it is possible that Apple will offer to purchase an additional one separately. This will allow you to be in virtual reality longer (with a short pause to replace the battery and simultaneously charge the “empty” one).

Along with this, Gurman noted that there will also be a USB-C connector on the headset itself, but it will only be used for data transfer.