Self-driving transport

San Francisco crowd destroys Waymo self-driving car

A Waymo self-driving car was destroyed in San Francisco. The incident occurred in Chinatown on February 11, reports The Verge. The incident occurred in the evening, when a man jumped on the hood of an unmanned taxi and broke the windshield. After that, the crowd surrounded the car, poured paint ... Read more

Former Apple employee jailed for stealing self-driving car technology

Xiaolang Zhang, a former Apple employee who was accused in 2018 of stealing company documents, including technologies related to the development of self-driving cars, was sentenced to 4 months in prison and fined $146,984, reports 9to5Mac. Zhang was first accused of theft in 2018, when he took paternity leave and ... Read more

Apple has postponed the release of its self-driving electric car until 2028

Apple is changing its plans to create a fully self-driving car. After years of effort, the company’s intentions have become less ambitious, writes Bloomberg. Apple’s work on creating a car is one of the most tumultuous endeavors in the company’s history. The project began to take shape in 2014 and ... Read more

Cruise seeks new leadership amid investigation into robocall accident

General Motors’ Cruise robotaxi division has fired nine people who held senior positions amid a safety investigation, reports Reuters. This is an investigation into an incident that occurred in San Francisco on October 2. A human-driven car hit a woman and fled the scene. After that, a robot taxi also ... Read more

Cruise recalls 950 self-driving cars in the US after pedestrian accident

Cruise recalls 950 self-driving cars in the US after a pedestrian accident. It is likely that the company will not stop there and will recall a certain number of cars, writes Reuters. The decision is linked to questions about the Cruise autonomous driving system, which may not react properly after ... Read more

Cruise suspends production of Origin self-driving car without steering wheel and pedals

Cruise suspends production of Origin, a special autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals. This is reported by TechCrunch, citing informed sources. Forbes was the first to report this information, citing an audio recording of Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt’s speech at the general meeting. The decision comes after regulators ... Read more

In California, a woman was hit by a Cruise robot taxi after being hit by an unknown car with a driver

In California, the unmanned taxi Cruise hit a pedestrian who had been hit by a human-driven car before. TechCrunch writes about the incident. The accident occurred on October 2 and injured a woman. According to video footage, the car and driver fled the scene after the accident. Robotaxi also ran ... Read more

California governor vetoes bill requiring drivers to be present in self-driving trucks

California Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would have required the mandatory presence of people in autonomous trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds. This was reported by The Verge with reference to Reuters. This is the so-called Assembly Bill 316. It received widespread support among state legislators and was ... Read more

Cruise hopes to soon receive permission for mass production of Origin AV without steering wheel and pedals

Cruise expects to receive regulatory approval in the near future to begin mass production of its special autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals, writes This was stated by the company’s CEO Kyle Vogt, writes TechCrunch. “We’re testing it and we are, from what we’ve heard from [the National ... Read more

Cruise unmanned taxis accused of blocking ambulance in San Francisco, patient dies

In San Francisco, two unmanned Cruise taxis blocked an ambulance carrying a seriously injured patient. He later died in the hospital. This is stated in the report of the local fire department, writes The New York Times. The fatal accident occurred on August 14, when a man was hit by ... Read more

The US Air Force wants to spend $5.8 billion on 2000 drones with artificial intelligence

The U.S. Air Force wants to spend about $5.8 billion to create up to 2,000 unmanned drones with artificial intelligence. They will be able to “serve” alongside human pilots, writes The Register. The cost of each aircraft will be about $3 million, which is significantly cheaper than manned fighters such ... Read more

California will reduce the number of Cruise robotaxis after a collision with a fire truck

Cruise will temporarily reduce the number of autonomous cars in San Francisco while investigators investigate incidents involving its fleet, writes Engadget. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) asked the company to cut its fleet in half after a collision between a Cruise robot taxi and a fire truck responding ... Read more

Sex in a self-driving taxi gains popularity in San Francisco

Autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in San Francisco. But the locals use them for more than just their intended purpose. Some of them test the boundaries of what is permitted and have sex in robotics, writes The San Francisco Standard. Several passengers in Cruise’s self-driving vehicles have told us ... Read more

San Francisco residents are calling the police because of the strange behavior of self-driving cars

Over the past six months, 92 San Francisco residents have called 911 to report unsafe, traffic-obstructing, or just plain unexplained behavior by self-driving cars. This is evidenced by the data in a letter that was sent by local transportation officials to the state regulator. The signatories of the letter, the ... Read more

TuSimple tried to pass off the self-driving truck crash as human error but technology is also to blame

Last April, an accident involving an unmanned truck occurred in the USA. The car suddenly turned to the left and crashed into a concrete barrier. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident, but experts are now trying to determine the cause of the accident, reports The Wall Street Journal. ... Read more

Cruise driverless taxis have once again blocked the streets of San Francisco. This time by clustering together

Since the start of the experiment with fully self-driving cars, the company Cruise has already had cases when its test subjects created problems on the roads. One episode made the police nervous when the car did not immediately stop at the request of the law enforcement officers, and once more ... Read more

Unmanned ship Mayflower crossed the Atlantics

Autonomous robotic boat Mayflower tried to cross the Atlantic Ocean on the route of Mayflower, a ship that arrived in 1620 from England to North America. The idea was only partially realized. The unmanned boat crossed the Atlantic but docked in Canada instead of the United States. According to IBM, ... Read more

A Cruise self-driving car blocked the way for firefighters in San Francisco

Currently, there are not many places in the world where unmanned vehicles are allowed. San Francisco in the United States was one of the first cities where local authorities allowed such experiments, and now there are even taxi services without drivers. Since the “learning” of artificial intelligence will take a ... Read more

IBM’s autonomous ship Mayflower is once again trying to cross the Atlantic

Autonomous ship Mayflower is making another attempt at a transatlantic voyage from the UK to the US after engineers fixed a technical error, according to The Register. Built by ProMare, a non-profit organization focused on marine research, and IBM, Mayflower first set sail on April 28, embarking on a 4,800-kilometer ... Read more

Driverless Cruise taxi stopped by San-Francisco police tries to “bolt off”

Cruise self-driving cars have been operating as taxis in San Francisco since February. There have been no problems with them so far, but last weekend one of the cars responded strangely to a police request to stop. A video of the situation was posted on April 2 but it became ... Read more