Cruise suspends production of Origin, a special autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals. This is reported by TechCrunch, citing informed sources.

Forbes was the first to report this information, citing an audio recording of Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt’s speech at the general meeting.

The decision comes after regulators recently suspended Cruise’s operations in California following another roadside incident involving a robot taxi.

Then Cruise voluntarily suspended the operation of self-driving taxis not only in this state but throughout the United States. It took such actions to restore public confidence.

However, according to the publication, Cruise’s CEO did not answer during the event how the company plans to restore public confidence. But then he announced the decision to suspend the production of Origin, which was made jointly with General Motors.

At the same time, GM said it plans to complete production of a small number of cars, after which production will be suspended.

As a reminder, Cruise introduced Origin AV in January 2020. Earlier this year, it began testing the car on the roads in Austin. Until recently, the company expected to get permission to start mass production of Origin.