Apple is changing its plans to create a fully self-driving car. After years of effort, the company’s intentions have become less ambitious, writes Bloomberg.

Apple’s work on creating a car is one of the most tumultuous endeavors in the company’s history. The project began to take shape in 2014 and has been changing and evolving many times since then.

For example, the manufacturer used to aim to release the car in 2026. Now, however, its release is scheduled for 2028 at the earliest.

Besides, one of Apple’s early concepts was to create a car with a so-called Level 5 autonomous system. This means that the car can move independently anywhere under any circumstances.

Over time, the tech giant changed its plans and began to focus on creating cars with Level 4 technology. In this case, the car can work independently, but under certain conditions.

Now people familiar with the project claim that Apple is working on an electric car with more limited capabilities. This is a level 2+ autonomous system. A person must be careful while driving the car and maintain control over it.

Inside the company, the changes are seen as a turning point for the Apple car: either the company will finally be able to release this product with lowered expectations, or top management may seriously reconsider the existence of the project.