Autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in San Francisco. But the locals use them for more than just their intended purpose. Some of them test the boundaries of what is permitted and have sex in robotics, writes The San Francisco Standard.

Several passengers in Cruise’s self-driving vehicles have told us about their “adventure” rides. Some of them are looking forward to the thrill of pushing the limits of what is allowed in a car without a driver to restrain them.

It is worth noting that this behavior has some scientific basis. Back in 2018, a little-known study said that the increase in self-driving cars would mean more sex and other inappropriate behavior on the road.

Because the self-driving taxi industry is relatively new, there are no clear prohibitions on the use of the service. Despite the “vague” rules, robot-taxi companies conduct video surveillance inside and outside their vehicles. This is mainly done for safety reasons.

However, this is unlikely to stop passengers from engaging in lewd behavior. According to the aforementioned 2018 study on sex in autonomous vehicles, passengers will always find a way around it, even if companies increase their surveillance tactics.

Earlier, it was reported that San Francisco residents call the police because of the strange behavior of self-driving cars.

Last year, between May 29 and December 31, the city saw a dramatic increase in the number of calls to 911 about autonomous vehicles (AVs) blocking lanes and intersections, driving erratically, and “making evasive maneuvers that require other road users to maneuver.”