Cruise will temporarily reduce the number of autonomous cars in San Francisco while investigators investigate incidents involving its fleet, writes Engadget.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) asked the company to cut its fleet in half after a collision between a Cruise robot taxi and a fire truck responding to an emergency. There were passengers in the taxi at the time, and they suffered non-life-threatening injuries. In another incident, a Cruise car got stuck in wet concrete.

In a statement, the DMV emphasized that the department’s main task is the safe operation of autonomous vehicles and the safety of people sharing the road with these vehicles.

They also added that they reserve the right, after investigating the facts, to suspend or revoke testing and/or deployment permits if they determine that the company’s vehicles pose a threat to public safety.

While the investigation is ongoing, Cruise has to limit the number of self-driving cars in operation to 50 during the day and 150 at night.

Earlier it was reported that autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in San Francisco. But locals use them not only for their intended purpose. Some of them test the boundaries of what is permitted and have sex in robotaxis.