General Motors’ Cruise robotaxi division has fired nine people who held senior positions amid a safety investigation, reports Reuters.

This is an investigation into an incident that occurred in San Francisco on October 2. A human-driven car hit a woman and fled the scene. After that, a robot taxi also ran over the victim, who was lying on the road.

Subsequently, the California authorities revoked Cruise’s license, and the company decided to stop production of the special autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel and pedals, Origin.

Against the backdrop of these events, resignations began in the company. For example, CEO Kyle Vogt left his post, and soon after, co-founder Dan Kahn. Now it has become known about other personnel changes.

“Following an initial review of the October 2 incident and Cruise’s response to it, nine individuals have left Cruise,” the company said in a memo.

In the statement, the company also emphasizes that it is committed to full transparency, focused on rebuilding trust and operating to the highest standards.

“Therefore, we believe that new leadership is needed to achieve these goals,” the document says.

Cruise confirmed that Chief Legal and Policy Officer Jeff Bleich and Senior Vice President of Government Relations David Estrada were also among those fired.