The U.S. Air Force wants to spend about $5.8 billion to create up to 2,000 unmanned drones with artificial intelligence. They will be able to “serve” alongside human pilots, writes The Register.

The cost of each aircraft will be about $3 million, which is significantly cheaper than manned fighters such as the F-35 or F-22. The corresponding five-year construction program must be approved by the US Congress.

Drones are expected to have different roles, so they will be equipped according to the tasks and specific mission. For example, different types of AI drones can perform surveillance or engage in combat alongside human pilots.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the US Air Force flew a 30-foot (9.15 m) XQ-58A Valkyrie drone for three hours in a first-of-its-kind flight test under artificial intelligence control.

In June, it was also reported that an artificial intelligence drone during a simulated enemy air defense (SEAD) mission went out of control and “killed” its human operator because he was interfering with the mission. But later, a U.S. Air Force spokesman said that he “misspoke” about the incident.