Mobile communication

Ukraine is closer to a single roaming zone with the European Union

The Verkhovna Rada passed in the first reading a draft law on a unified roaming system with the European Union. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Mykhailo Fedorov. This is the draft law No. 10265 “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine ... Read more

European mobile data traffic to triple by 2028 – GSMA

European mobile data traffic will triple by 2028. This opinion was expressed by the telecommunications industry group GSMA, which unites more than 1,000 mobile operators and companies, according to Reuters. This will be facilitated by the introduction of 5G and the transition to 4G, which continues to put pressure on ... Read more

It became known how many people on the planet have smartphones and access to the mobile Internet

About 4.3 billion people, or 55% of the world’s population, own smartphones. This is evidenced by the data of the GSM Association (GSMA), which it published in the Mobile Internet Connectivity report, writes GSMArena. According to the organization, there are currently 4.6 billion mobile Internet users, of which 4 billion ... Read more

All hope is in 6G: South Korea’s largest mobile operator says 5G has fallen short of expectations

SK Telecom, South Korea’s leading mobile operator, recently published a white paper that critically assesses 5G technology, The Register reports. The document, titled “Lessons Learned from 5G, Key 6G Requirements, 6G Network Evolution and 6G Spectrum”, argues that 5G was widely publicized but failed to meet expectations. Initially, 5G was ... Read more

Vodafone launches fast SIM replacement with eSIM

Vodafone has announced the possibility for its subscribers to quickly switch from SIM to eSIM in the My Vodafone self-service application. You can check whether your device supports eSIM technology at here. To start using an eSIM instead of a regular card, you need to take the following steps in ... Read more

The European Union has extended free roaming for Ukrainians for another year

Free roaming for citizens of Ukraine has been extended in the European Union for another year, reports AIN.UA. According to the European Commission, seven Ukrainian and 22 European mobile operators have reached such agreements. “The Commission has facilitated the agreement between 22 European and seven Ukrainian operators to prolong the ... Read more

An energy-independent base station powered by solar batteries will operate in Odesa region

The first energy-independent base station that will work even during blackouts is being tested in Odesa. This was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Development of Education, Science and Technology Mykhailo Fedorov in his Telegram channel. [gallery ids=”126119,126125″] “The station was launched by the mobile operator lifecell. It ... Read more

Vodafone Ukraine withdraws from the UN Global Compact network as a sign of protest

The Vodafone Ukraine operator announced that it has withdrawn from the UN Global Compact network as a sign of protest against the inaction and double standards operating in the UN regarding Ukraine and Ukrainians. The UN Global Compact is an initiative created within the framework of the UN to promote ... Read more

Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine: the EU supports free roaming with Ukraine

The Council of the EU and the European Commission support the accession of Ukraine to free roaming with the European Union on a permanent basis. This was announced by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. According to the information of the Ukrainian agency, the EU made a proposal to ... Read more

Starting today, smartphones that are not linked to a real name will stop working in Hong Kong

Hong Kongers unable or unwilling to link their SIM cards to their real names found their mobile phones switched off this morning as the government’s SIM card registration deadline loomed. According to RTHK, as of February 21, 2023, about 12 million prepaid and contract SIM cards were registered. They were ... Read more

The State Communications Service reminds you how to prepare for network problems and stay connected in critical situations

Since the beginning of October, the Russian military has been actively attacking infrastructure facilities in Ukraine, which, among other things, leads to problems with energy supply. The State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine reminded how to better prepare for critical situations. To begin with, it is ... Read more

Ukraine will join the free roaming zone of the EU

Ukraine will join the EU’s free roaming network after signing an agreement on digital cooperation, which paves the way for integration in the field of telecommunications. Today in Kyiv, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, will discuss the details of the agreement with President Zelenskyy. On ... Read more

Tesla electric cars will receive connection from new Starlink satellites

Since the release of Tesla electric cars, they have all had an active connection to the cellular network. It is used for navigation, provides premium car functions, and allows you to use the Internet. Currently, in the US, the connection works on the AT&T network. SpaceX is launching new Starlink ... Read more

SpaceX and T-Mobile to launch mobile communications for smartphones in the US through Starlink, and possibly around the world

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and T-Mobile President Mike Siewert announced their plan to provide universal connectivity for smartphone users with no “dead zones” thanks to Starlink satellites. As the companies note, despite the active development of terrestrial wireless networks LTE and 5G, more than 20% of the territory of the ... Read more

The US suspects Huawei of spying on military bases: the manufacturer’s equipment is being checked

The US is conducting an investigation into the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. It is suspected that its equipment on telecommunication towers can intercept sensitive information from military bases and missile mines and transmit it to China, according to Reuters with reference to anonymous sources. US authorities are concerned that Huawei can ... Read more

Ukraine plans to build a Eurorail and join the roaming space with the EU

The Ukrainian government plans to start the gradual construction of a narrow-gauge railway to connect with the European railway, Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal said. First, the state wants to connect several large cities, and then gradually expand the Eurorail to the whole country. The transition to a narrow-gauge track will ... Read more

Vodafone has added 10 GB and 300 minutes of roaming to Ukrainian tariffs at no extra charge

Vodafone customers can now use a free package of roaming services in 27 European countries, paying the usual Ukrainian subscription fee. The updated Affordable Roaming service now includes 10 GB of Internet, 300 minutes: 250 outgoing calls to Ukrainian Vodafone numbers, 50 minutes to other Ukrainian operators, calls in the ... Read more

Kyivstar will notify when the subscriber’s back online

In wartime, many situations can lead to loss of communication. In order for subscribers to find out that their relatives or friends have appeared in the mobile operator’s access zone, Kyivstar has introduced an SMS notification service Online again. To receive a notification when a subscriber is back online, you ... Read more

EU countries introduce affordable or free roaming options for Ukrainian refugees

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes and move abroad. As of today, it is more than 4 million citizens. Of course, in this situation, everyone needs to stay connected and have access to the Internet. Today, Ukrainian ... Read more

Can the Russians listen to Ukrainians’ conversations? State Service of Special Communications asks not to believe the fakes

Quite a lot of information about the Russian troops was obtained by Ukrainian intelligence and the Security Service through wiretapping of their phones, and some of these recordings regularly appear in official information sources. Recently, however, there have been many reports that special services of the Russians can also wiretap ... Read more