The Council of the EU and the European Commission support the accession of Ukraine to free roaming with the European Union on a permanent basis. This was announced by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

According to the information of the Ukrainian agency, the EU made a proposal to include the provision on roaming in Annex 17-3 of the Association Agreement. For its part, the Council of the EU approved this initiative and gave the green light for the approval of a bilateral solution between Ukraine and the EU.

“Next, we are waiting for the approval of the Decision by the Ukraine-EU Association Committee in the Trade configuration. And we are working to ensure that all the conditions for joining Ukraine to the Roam like at home zone are met,” the Ministry of Digital Transformation emphasized.

It was also reminded that free roaming within the EU will allow Ukrainians not to pay additional communication fees when traveling in Europe, and Europeans – during trips to Ukraine.

As you know, in February of this year the European Commission proposed to expand effect of roaming on Ukraine. After the start of the full-scale war that Russia unleashed in Ukraine, many Ukrainians were forced to leave, in particular to the European Union. At that time, temporary free roaming for Ukrainians was introduced in most EU countries.