Free roaming for citizens of Ukraine has been extended in the European Union for another year, reports AIN.UA.

According to the European Commission, seven Ukrainian and 22 European mobile operators have reached such agreements.

“The Commission has facilitated the agreement between 22 European and seven Ukrainian operators to prolong the agreement, which was first signed in April 2022… Affordable calls allow those seeking shelter in Europe to reach family and friends in Ukraine, and vice versa,” the EC noted.

In addition, the European Commission is preparing for the integration of Ukraine into the roaming zone of the European Union, which will provide a more stable and long-term solution to the roaming issue.

In April 2023, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine reported that the EU Council and the European Commission support the accession of Ukraine to free roaming with the European Union on a permanent basis.

According to the information of the Ukrainian agency, the EC made a proposal to include the provision on roaming in Addendum 17-3 of the Association Agreement. For its part, the Council of the EU approved this initiative and gave the green light for the approval of a bilateral solution between Ukraine and the EU.