Quite a lot of information about the Russian troops was obtained by Ukrainian intelligence and the Security Service through wiretapping of their phones, and some of these recordings regularly appear in official information sources. Recently, however, there have been many reports that special services of the Russians can also wiretap Ukrainians on the territory of the country, so it is allegedly dangerous to report on the movement of enemy troops.

According to the chairman of the State Service of Special Communication Yurii Shchyhol, all such statements turned out to be fakes and part of information and psychological operations. Their purpose is to intimidate Ukrainians, as well as to force citizens to stop reporting information about the places of movement of enemy equipment.

“This is not the only case of spreading misinformation among citizens. Remember the example when a fake message was spread that Ukrainians would receive phone calls at night from unknown numbers to target for airstrikes, and the advice was to turn off the phones. Of course, it turned out to be fake,” Yurii Shchyhol noted.

Therefore, it is not just possible to transmit information about the movement of occupiers’ troops by phone, but definitely worth doing so to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine kick the enemy out of our land.