The US is conducting an investigation into the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. It is suspected that its equipment on telecommunication towers can intercept sensitive information from military bases and missile mines and transmit it to China, according to Reuters with reference to anonymous sources.

US authorities are concerned that Huawei can receive data on military exercises, and the state of readiness of bases and personnel. The investigation was launched by the Commerce Department shortly after Joe Biden took office.

According to a document obtained by Reuters, Huawei was subpoenaed in April to learn the company’s policy on sharing mobile phone data (including messages and geolocation) with foreign parties.

The US Department of Commerce declined to confirm or deny the information. It also noted that protecting US citizens from malicious information collection is vital to national security. Huawei also did not comment on the situation. The company denies that it could spy on American customers and pose a threat to national security.

We remind you that the USA, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand do not allow Huawei equipment to build 5G networks. The last to join this list was Canada. The US suspects that China may be using Huawei equipment for cyber espionage, so the country has lobbied to remove it from allies.