European mobile data traffic will triple by 2028. This opinion was expressed by the telecommunications industry group GSMA, which unites more than 1,000 mobile operators and companies, according to Reuters.

This will be facilitated by the introduction of 5G and the transition to 4G, which continues to put pressure on network investments. According to the GSMA, 5G subscribers are interested in adding high-speed services and content to their mobile contracts, in particular due to the growing demand for video and high-quality gaming.

In Western Europe, mobile data traffic per smartphone is expected to increase to 56 GB per month in 2028, up from 20 GB last year. In Central and Eastern Europe, it will rise to 37 GB per month from 14 GB last year.

Growing demand means that operators will need to continue to invest in mobile networks. They are expected to spend more than $216 billion on modernizing their networks by 2030.

According to GSMA estimates, more than 460 million Europeans were connected to the mobile Internet in 2022.