Vodafone has announced the possibility for its subscribers to quickly switch from SIM to eSIM in the My Vodafone self-service application. You can check whether your device supports eSIM technology at here.

To start using an eSIM instead of a regular card, you need to take the following steps in My Vodafone:

  • Select “Replace SIM with eSIM” in the Services section, “SIM card operations”;
  • Pay for eSIM from your mobile account – the cost is 100 UAH;
  • Enter your e-mail to receive the card profile by mail and the code from SMS;
  • Receive a virtual SIM card by email;
  • Go back to the My Vodafone app and complete the activation by following the prompts.

eSIM allows you to refuse to use a physical SIM card and replace it with a virtual one. For this purpose, manufacturers install a microchip in modern gadgets that allows loading a digital SIM card by scanning a QR code. Thus, users are able to buy or change a SIM card remotely without having to go to a store to get a physical card.

Vodafone also notes that eSIM provides an additional level of security. It cannot be damaged, lost, or removed from the smartphone, which is another barrier for fraudsters and an opportunity to find a missing smartphone or tablet.