In wartime, many situations can lead to loss of communication. In order for subscribers to find out that their relatives or friends have appeared in the mobile operator’s access zone, Kyivstar has introduced an SMS notification service Online again.

To receive a notification when a subscriber is back online, you need to send to their number an SMS-message with the special code *D# and any text message. The service has a prolonged effect: the application remains active for 5 days. If during this time the subscriber does not get in touch, the operator will inform about it and offer to resend the request. Kyivstar subscribers can receive notifications about the appearance of subscribers of all Ukrainian operators in the network.

Kyivstar emphasizes that if a subscriber does not get in touch within a few days, an application must be submitted to the National Police of Ukraine. Call 102 to get help. The police have the necessary tools to search for people most effectively.

There are also applications that, with the prior consent of the subscriber, allow you to see their geolocation. Such services include Mobile Security . In addition, the application also allows, in case of loss of the gadget, remotely delete information from it. For new users, the first three months of use within the Security package are free. Another application that allows you to see the location of relatives is STARFind. It works even with GPS turned off, but is available only to Kyivstar subscribers.