Chat bots

Microsoft temporarily bans employees from using ChatGPT

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI. But for a short period of time, it banned its employees from accessing ChatGPT, reports CNBC. According to media reports, this happened the day before. This decision is attributed to security issues. “Due to security and data concerns a number of AI ... Read more

OpenAI estimates that ChatGPT has 100 million users per week

100 million people use ChatGPT every week. The announcement was made by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman at a conference for developers, writes The Verge. After its launch almost a year ago, ChatGPT was recognized as the fastest growing app in history. In just two months after its launch, about 100 ... Read more

AI chatbot to help Britons pay taxes and receive pensions

The UK plans to launch an artificial intelligence chatbot to help citizens pay taxes and receive pensions. This was stated by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, writes The Telegraph. The experimental service will be called Chat. The technology for it is provided by OpenAI, the company behind the popular ChatGPT ... Read more

Meta is preparing to introduce an AI chatbot with dozens of characters

Meta plans to introduce an AI chatbot that will have different characters with distinct personalities. Inside the company, they are called Gen AI Personas, according to The Wall Street Journal. According to people with knowledge of the situation, the company is trying to attract more young people to the platform ... Read more

Roblox to launch Roblox Assistant chatbot to help with the creation of virtual worlds

The Roblox gaming platform has announced the Roblox Assistant chatbot. It will work on the basis of artificial intelligence and will help to create virtual worlds on the platform, writes The Verge. According to the company’s CTO Daniel Sturman, the tool will allow creating basic game actions, as well as ... Read more

Apple spends millions of dollars a day on artificial intelligence training

Apple invests millions of dollars a day in artificial intelligence. The company is working on different AI models in several teams. This is reported by The Verge with reference to The Information report. Apple’s unit working on conversational AI is called Foundational Models. Its team consists of about 16 people, ... Read more

Prof. Michio Kaiku: Modern chatbots are just overhyped recorders

Michio Kaiku, a well-known theoretical physicist, science popularizer and futurologist, professor at New York University, does not share the concerns of some segments of humanity about the progress of AI, calling modern chatbots just “overused tape recorders”. He said this during an interview with CNN. “It [chatbot] takes snippets of ... Read more

AI “hallucinations” can’t be fixed, but they can be chatbots’ advantage

AI “hallucinations”, also known as making stuff up, is a major problem with chatbots ChatGPT, Bard and Bing AI. This will probably always be the case, writes Techradar. According to a report by the Associated Press, the problem with fabrications in large language models (LLM) may not be as easy ... Read more

The Google Bard chatbot has officially launched in Ukraine

Google announced the official launch in Ukraine of its AI-powered chatbot Google Bard. This happened as part of a large-scale expansion of the availability of this tool for most countries of the world and in more than 40 languages, which now also includes Ukrainian. Along with the Bard extension, Google ... Read more

ChatGPT сompetitor: Startup Anthropic has released a new version of its secure chatbot Claude

Artificial intelligence startup Anthropic, which positions itself as a developer of a safer type of chatbot, has released a new version of its AI bot called Claude. This is reported by Bloomberg. Claude 2 is available to anyone in the US or UK at, and businesses can access it ... Read more

Medical chatbot Med-PaLM 2 from Google is already being tested in hospitals

Medical artificial intelligence tool Med-PaLM 2 from Google has been undergoing tests since April, including at the Mayo Clinic research hospital, writes The Wall Street Journal. Med-PaLM 2 is intended for answering questions on medical topics. It is a variant of PaLM 2, which was announced at the Google I/O ... Read more

Google’s Bard chatbot improves its math and programming skills

Google’s artificial intelligence chatbot Bard is gradually improving its skills in tasks related to logic and reasoning. This is reported by TechCrunch with a link to information from the tech giant. The company noted that thanks to a technique called “hidden code execution”, Bard is improving specifically in the field ... Read more

Google Bard chatbot will be available in 180 countries, will get new language model PaLM 2, dark theme and visual search

During the Google I/O conference, the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced a significant update to Bard chatbot, which works on the basis of a large language model. New features include support for Japanese and Korean languages, simplified text export to Google Docs and Gmail, visual search, and a dark theme. ... Read more

Religious chatbots that speak in the voice of God and condone violence are gaining popularity in India

In January 2023, at a time when the ChatGPT chatbot was gaining ground globally, a Bengaluru-based software engineer named Sukuru Sai Vineet introduced GitaGPT, writes Rest of World. Powered by GPT-3 technology, this AI chatbot offers answers based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, the foundational Hindu scripture consisting ... Read more

Microsoft’s Bing chatbot can now search for images and videos, make restaurant reservations, and finally get plugins

Microsoft has announced a major update to its Bing chatbot, which includes new features such as image and video search, restaurant reservations, chat history, and smarter integration with Microsoft Edge. The update follows Microsoft making the Bing chatbot publicly available to all users. The most important addition to Bing Chat ... Read more

OpenAI has enabled history to be turned off in ChatGPT for people’s privacy

ChatGPT users can now turn off their chat history, so OpenAI will not use chat data to train AI models. This was reported by Bloomberg. To do this, account holders must click a switch in their settings. Such an option can be a guarantee of privacy for people who share ... Read more

Reddit has become a repository of a huge amount of content, now the service is going to charge companies that train chatbots on its data

After Twitter restricted third-party access to its data, Reddit announced it would begin charging for its API, reports TechCrunch. This change is not a general policy, and the API will remain free for developers building apps and bots that help people use Reddit, as well as for researchers studying Reddit ... Read more

OpenAI’s CEO confirmed that the company is not yet training GPT-5

During a recent remote interview at an MIT event, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman confirmed that the company is not developing a fifth version of its generative pretrained transformer (GPT-5) model. Instead, OpenAI focused on expanding the capabilities of its latest model, GPT-4. Altman answered questions from computer scientist and podcaster ... Read more

The Bing chatbot is now in the beta version of the SwiftKey keyboard for Android

Microsoft has released a beta version of its SwiftKey keyboard for Android that adds the Bing chatbot, reports ZDnet. This integration aims to provide Android users with some AI features while typing on their phone. The latest version of the SwiftKey Beta keyboard was released on April 4 and is ... Read more

Google Assistant is under threat. The development team is expected to be reorganized in favor of Bard

Difficult times have come for voice assistants. They are still not profitable, require resources to support and have considerable server costs. At the same time, they do not display advertisements and are free for users. Google Assistant is just one of those. The background is that between 2016 and 2021, ... Read more

Microsoft is already experimenting with advertising in the Bing chatbot

In a recent Microsoft blog post, it was confirmed that it is experimenting with placing ads in the responses of its Bing chatbot, which is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. Although these sponsored answers are clearly marked, it raises questions about the evolution of search engine advertising, reports TechCrunch. In addition ... Read more

OpenAI adds plugins to ChatGPT. The chatbot will be able to browse web pages and more

OpenAI adds plugin support to ChatGPT – an update that significantly expands the chatbot’s capabilities and for the first time gives it access to live data from the Internet, reports The Verge. Up until now, ChatGPT has been limited by the fact it can only pull information from its training ... Read more

Google opens limited access to the Bard chatbot. American journalists have already communicated with it

Google announced the opening of limited access to its Bard chatbot, which should compete with ChatGPT and Bing chat. For now, users in the United States and Great Britain will be able to try communicating with Google’s artificial intelligence. The company says that access to Bard will be rolled out ... Read more