Microsoft has released a beta version of its SwiftKey keyboard for Android that adds the Bing chatbot, reports ZDnet. This integration aims to provide Android users with some AI features while typing on their phone. The latest version of the SwiftKey Beta keyboard was released on April 4 and is available for download on the Google Play Store.

By selecting the new beta version of SwiftKey as the primary keyboard on an Android device, users can search for information through Bing, ask AI to rewrite text, and chat with it to create specific content.

Microsoft is expanding its AI capabilities by integrating the Bing AI chat tool into its Edge browser for desktop computers and the Bing app for iOS/iPadOS and Android. Integrating Bing AI with its own keyboard seems like a logical next step for Microsoft, given the growing use of artificial intelligence tools among users.

The Bing chatbot is now in the beta version of the SwiftKey keyboard for Android

Android users interested in SwiftKey beta can download and install it from Google Play. After enabling the keyboard, you can select it as the default input method. To activate the Bing chatbot, just click on the search engine icon on the keyboard toolbar and accept its terms.