Meta plans to introduce an AI chatbot that will have different characters with distinct personalities. Inside the company, they are called Gen AI Personas, according to The Wall Street Journal.

According to people with knowledge of the situation, the company is trying to attract more young people to the platform in this way. Meta is expected to unveil a chatbot with characters during its Meta Connect event.

The initiative is currently undergoing internal testing. But once launched, the bot will be used for various purposes. It is not just about engaging the audience, but also about helping with coding or other tasks.

Meta is expected to develop dozens of AI characters for this chatbot. For example, one of them is a robot called Bob. He calls himself a “cheeky general” and has excellent intelligence, sharp humor, and biting sarcasm. One of the company’s employees noted that this chatbot resembles the character Bender from the cult animated series Futurama.

“Bring me your questions, but don’t expect any sugar-coated responses!” the AI bot answered in one of the cases.

Meanwhile, the testing of Meta chatbot characters was not without problems. In some cases, employees’ conversations with them led to awkward situations. For example, the characters were considered rude or deliberately collecting information about people.

However, an AI bot can benefit the platform if it increases the amount of time users spend on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This is because the platform will have more opportunities to show users ads.

By the way, last week Meta updated the Facebook logo. The blue color has become slightly darker, and the letter “f” looks a little different.