Apple invests millions of dollars a day in artificial intelligence. The company is working on different AI models in several teams. This is reported by The Verge with reference to The Information report.

Apple’s unit working on conversational AI is called Foundational Models. Its team consists of about 16 people, including several former Google engineers. The company also has a Visual Intelligence unit that develops an image generation model. Another group is working on multimodal AI, which will be able to recognize and create text, images, or videos.

These models can serve different purposes. For example, the company is developing a chatbot that will interact with customers using the AppleCare warranty. Another bot should facilitate the automation of multi-step tasks with the help of Siri personal assistant.

At the same time, Apple’s most advanced model is known internally as Ajax GPT. It has been trained on more than 200 billion parameters and is considered more powerful than OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, which is the basis of the original version of ChatGPT.

In summer, it became known that Apple is working on artificial intelligence tools that can compete with OpenAI, Google Alphabet, and others. But at that time, the company had not yet developed a clear strategy for releasing the technology to consumers.