Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI. But for a short period of time, it banned its employees from accessing ChatGPT, reports CNBC.

According to media reports, this happened the day before. This decision is attributed to security issues.

“Due to security and data concerns a number of AI tools are no longer available for employees to use,” was said in a statement.

CNBC also reported the existence of a screenshot showing that ChatGPT cannot be accessed on corporate devices.

However, Microsoft said that the temporary blocking was a mistake that arose as a result of testing systems for large language models.

“We restored service shortly after we identified our error…” Microsoft added.

As you know, many large companies have restricted the use of ChatGPT, often to prevent the exchange of confidential data. Recently, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stated that 100 million people use ChatGPT every week.