Tesla prepares to defend itself in court over deadly accidents with autopilot

Tesla Inc. will defend itself in court for the first time against allegations that a malfunction of its Autopilot function led to a death. This is likely to be a serious test of Elon Musk’s claims about the technology, writes Reuters. We are talking about two lawsuits. The first is ... Read more

Tesla is facing a new investigation in California over problems with Autopilot

The California Attorney General’s Office is investigating the safety of Tesla’s Autopilot feature as well as the company’s marketing practices. This is reported by The Verge with a reference to CNBC. Tesla car owner Greg Wester spoke about the investigation. He said he got a call from the California Attorney ... Read more

Tesla faces millions in fines if it doesn’t provide Autopilot information

Tesla faces fines if it does not hand over Autopilot data to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This is reported by The Register. The agency made the corresponding request in a letter dated July 3. In case of non-fulfillment, Elon Musk’s company faces fines and penalties, which ... Read more

Elon Mode: a hacker discovered a secret mode in Tesla cars

Elon Musk may have his own super-secret driving mode that lets you drive Tesla cars hands-free. This is written by The Verge. The hidden feature, dubbed Elon Mode, was discovered by a Tesla software hacker known on the Internet as @greentheonly. He spent years “digging” in the car’s code and ... Read more

Musk might be questioned in court because of the fatal accident with the Tesla autopilot

Elon Musk may have to give three hours of testimony in a trial over a 2018 Tesla crash involving an autopilot, reports Engadget. The billionaire was ordered to do it by Judge Evette Pennypacker. He may have to answer questions about the accident in which Apple engineer Walter Huang died ... Read more

The third-level Mercedes Drive Pilot autopilot will work in the United States

The Mercedes Drive Pilot automatic control system has become the first to work in the United States. More than a year ago, it was also allowed on homeland of the automaker. In the United States, you can try Drive Pilot so far only in Nevada, where such permission is granted ... Read more

In the event of an accident while the autopilot is operating, drivers in the UK will not be held responsible for it

Electric cars with the possibility of fully autonomous driving can already be found more often on the roads, and their use is being prepared to be allowed in some countries. Great Britain is among them. The country is currently investing $119 million in the development of autonomous driving and an ... Read more

Tesla’s FSD autopilot will increase in price by 25% in September – it will cost $15,000

Tesla is raising the price of its premium Full Self-Driving driver assistance system. On August 21, the company’s CEO Elon Musk announced that the price of Autopilot will increase by 25% to $15,000. The changes will take place on September 5 after the release of FSD Beta 10.69.2, reports CNBC. ... Read more