Tesla has won a lawsuit over a fatal autopilot accident that occurred in California in 2019, reports The Verge.

The jury found that the company was not responsible for the death of the Model 3 owner in that accident. The manufacturer was accused of using the autopilot system to drive the car off the highway, crash into a palm tree, and catch fire.

The owner of the car, Micah Lee, was killed in the accident, and two of his passengers were seriously injured. The plaintiffs accused Tesla of allegedly knowing about the malfunction of the autopilot and other safety systems when it sold the car.

However, the jury in California ruled in favor of Tesla. The company’s lawyers claimed that the fatal accident was caused by a human factor.

As you know, Tesla has already been the subject of many legal cases concerning the safety of its cars. For example, in California, the company was sued by owners who complained about “phantom braking.” According to them, Tesla cars brake abruptly in autopilot mode, seemingly for no reason.