Elon Musk may have his own super-secret driving mode that lets you drive Tesla cars hands-free. This is written by The Verge.

The hidden feature, dubbed Elon Mode, was discovered by a Tesla software hacker known on the Internet as @greentheonly. He spent years “digging” in the car’s code and found interesting things. For example, how Tesla can block the use of power seats or a central camera in the Model 3 even before it has been officially activated.

When the hacker found and enabled Elon Mode, he tested the system and posted some screenshots. Although exactly how the system is activated, @greentheonly did not disclose.

According to his observations, the car did not require any attention from the driver when using Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) software. This is an advanced driver assistance system that the company positions as autopilot. The system is at the stage of beta version, although it is available to everyone who paid $15 thousand for it.

Tesla’s Autopilot system requires drivers to perform certain manipulations to confirm their vigilance. Many car owners complained about these “checks”, calling them sometimes annoying. During the 600-mile Elon Mode test, the hacker found no such complaints. Although he added that the system can still randomly change lanes. It is not yet known whether such an option will be available to ordinary owners.

It was previously reported that Tesla customers for several years reported thousands of issues with the Full Self-Driving (FSD) system to the company. This is stated in the 100 GB of data that Tesla whistleblowers gave to the German publication Handelsblatt.