Tesla has to unscheduled update the software of more than two million cars in the US. The company is taking such actions after the US regulator discovered a defect in the Autopilot system, writes BBC.

This was preceded by a two-year investigation of 956 accidents that occurred while using the technology. Its results were published by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

“Automated technology holds great promise for improving safety but only when it is deployed responsibly”, the administration noted.

Fortunately, Tesla owners won’t actually have to drive their cars anywhere. Tesla will solve the problem with a wireless software update. But technically, the NHTSA calls it a recall.

By the way, recently a former Tesla employee, Lukasz Krupski, said that he didn’t think the technology in the company’s self-driving cars was safe enough to be used on public roads.

In the spring of this year, he handed over the automaker’s internal data to the German newspaper Handelsblatt. They contained driver complaints about braking and self-driving software. His concerns were ignored within the company.