The Mercedes Drive Pilot automatic control system has become the first to work in the United States. More than a year ago, it was also allowed on homeland of the automaker.

In the United States, you can try Drive Pilot so far only in Nevada, where such permission is granted to all manufacturers with the appropriate technical capabilities. At the same time, Mercedes left the speed limit up to 65 km/h (40 mph) with autopilot.

The Mercedes system is in many ways similar to competitors from Tesla, GM or Ford, but at the same time, the car does not require the driver to pay full attention to the road, which will allow, for example, to return to a conversation with a passenger or play on the entertainment system, although it can signal that you need to take control. Therefore, it is still necessary to be ready to “take over” the steering wheel at any moment.

The third-level Mercedes Drive Pilot autopilot will work in the United States

An important point remains that the car’s cameras must see the driver’s face. Therefore, it is still not possible to take a nap on the way to work, as happened to Tesla owners, for example. Also, as in Germany, Drive Pilot will only work in the US on “suitable freeway sections and where there is high traffic density.”

It is noted, as some studies have shown when taking control of a car in a situation where a person has not followed the situation on the road for a long time, there are often problems with an overreaction. In an emergency situation, a person who has been distracted from the road for a long time can jerk the steering wheel or brake harder than necessary, or react to events incorrectly. In addition, similar actions can provoke a “domino” effect in the flow of cars.