Former Tesla employee Lukasz Krupski believes that the technology in the company’s self-driving cars is not safe enough to be used on public roads. He told BBC about it.

In the spring of this year, he handed over the automaker’s internal data to the German newspaper Handelsblatt. They contained driver complaints about braking and self-driving software. His concerns were ignored within the company.

Now a former employee of the company expresses doubts about the use of artificial intelligence in Tesla’s autopilot technology. According to him, the hardware and software are not ready for safe use.

“It affects all of us because we are essentially experiments in public roads. So even if you don’t have a Tesla, your children still walk in the footpath,” he said.

Lukasz Krupski also found evidence that the automaker did not comply with safety requirements. He added that other Tesla employees had discussed cases of phantom braking with him.