Twitch is raising the cost of channel subscriptions for the first time, but not yet everywhere

After announcing the layoffs of 500 employees, Twitch raises the cost of channel subscriptions for the first time. The new measures are reported by Engadget. Twitch explains that it is “updating prices in several countries to help streamer revenue keep pace with rising costs and reflect local currency fluctuations.” The ... Read more

Twitch makes changes to the streamer payout program

Twitch is introducing changes to three streamer payout programs. The company removes the $100 thousand limit for 70/30 revenue sharing, expands the Partner Plus Program, and changes the payout model for Prime Gaming subscriptions. Starting March 1, the Partner Plus Program will be expanded in three ways. The first is ... Read more

Amazon lays off more workers, this time from Prime and Amazon MGM

Yesterday, Amazon officially confirmed that it is laying off 500 employees from Twitch, but the company also announced even more cuts in its Prime and Amazon MGM departments, writes Android Central. Mike Hopkins, senior vice president of Prime and MGM, sent a letter to employees in which he wrote that ... Read more

Twitch is laying off 35% of its staff, about 500 employees

Twitch plans to lay off 35% of its staff, which is about 500 employees, reports Bloomberg. There has been no official statement from the company yet, but Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the plans, reports that employees may be told about the layoffs as early as today. The day before, ... Read more

Twitch, OBS, and NVIDIA to improve broadcasts for streamers and viewers

Twitch, in collaboration with OBS and NVIDIA, is launching Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting based on GeForce RTX GPUs. The technology will allow users to conduct several simultaneous broadcasts from one PC. You can register for the beta test, which will begin later this month, on the broadcast tools page. Currently, streamers ... Read more

Twitch revises its rules again to ban hints of nudity

Twitch has revised its nudity policy again. The new changes prohibit streamers from hinting at full or partial nudity, reports Engadget. Such conditions appeared on the platform after streamers used various visual effects during their broadcasts, leading viewers to think about nudity. For example, they used black censorship bars to ... Read more

Twitch updates rules after scandal with topless OnlyFans model

Twitch has updated its rules on sexual content following the scandal that erupted after the topless model Morgpie appeared on the OnlyFans service, writes Dexerto. On December 8, 2023, a new “meta” gained popularity on Twitch after a video featuring streamer, cosplayer, and OnlyFans model Morgpie went viral on social ... Read more

“We are like McDonald’s for gaming companies looking for influencers.” An interview with Dima Okhrimchuk about the new platform, esports, influencers, and Ukrainian streaming

The fast-paced development of streaming platforms over the past ten to fifteen years has had a significant impact on the influence marketing sector. Users got new tools for creating and promoting content. The entry barrier to becoming a creator has dropped significantly — all you need to start a Twitch ... Read more

Ukrainian blogger raised UAH 8 million for army drones, his stream became #1 on Twitch

On July 16, Ukrainian blogger Mykhailo Lebiga (Leb1ga) organized a fundraiser for Sych drones for the army on the Twitch platform. About 8 million UAH were raised for almost 8 hours of streaming, writes AIN.UA. Only in the first hours, the raised money amounted to over UAH 3 million. At ... Read more

Gift sponsorship is a new feature of YouTube Gaming that attracts streamers

YouTube Gaming has enabled content authors and their fans to give paid subscriptions to channels. Influential streamers are already thrilled with the new monetization tool – many of them have already reported this feature on their Twitter accounts. The feature was implemented following the example of Twitch – the main ... Read more