Twitch has revised its nudity policy again. The new changes prohibit streamers from hinting at full or partial nudity, reports Engadget.

Such conditions appeared on the platform after streamers used various visual effects during their broadcasts, leading viewers to think about nudity. For example, they used black censorship bars to cover their genitals.

Such content did not technically violate Twitch’s rules and was properly labeled, but it provoked significant controversy in the community.

Among other things, the new rules apply not only to effects, such as black bars, but also to clothing. Twitch explained that it should be completely opaque on body parts that need to be covered.

In December, Twitch updated its rules on sexual content after a scandal erupted over the appearance of topless model Morgpie on the OnlyFans service. During the broadcast, she appeared topless in front of the camera, but her nipples were never in the frame, so formally, Twitch rules were not violated.