After announcing the layoffs of 500 employees, Twitch raises the cost of channel subscriptions for the first time. The new measures are reported by Engadget.

Twitch explains that it is “updating prices in several countries to help streamer revenue keep pace with rising costs and reflect local currency fluctuations.”

The first to feel the changes will be the UK, Canada, Australia, and Turkey. For example, in the UK, Canada, and Australia, gift subscriptions and tier 1 subscriptions will become more expensive starting March 28.

In the UK, the price will increase from 5 to 6 pounds sterling, in Canada from 7 to 8 Canadian dollars, and in Australia from 8 to 9 Australian dollars. At the same time, the cost of the second and third level subscriptions will not change.

The situation is slightly different in Turkey, where prices for all three tiers will increase. For example, the cost of the first tier subscription will rise from $0.32 to $1.42.

The changes so far apply to subscriptions purchased on the desktop. But the company will soon update prices in mobile applications as well. The service also plans to update prices in other countries later this year.