Twitch, in collaboration with OBS and NVIDIA, is launching Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting based on GeForce RTX GPUs. The technology will allow users to conduct several simultaneous broadcasts from one PC.

You can register for the beta test, which will begin later this month, on the broadcast tools page.

Currently, streamers have to choose between higher quality broadcasts and accessibility for viewers with slow internet or older devices. Enhanced Broadcasting will fix this.

The technology will allow streamers with RTX and GTX cards to launch up to three simultaneous broadcasts with different resolutions, but only up to 1080p for now.

Enhanced Broadcasting will be improved in the future. The companies plan to add the ability to conduct 5 simultaneous broadcasts with a resolution of up to 4K.

Enhanced Broadcasting will also automatically configure all OBS settings, including resolution, bit rate, and encoding options.

As a result, the new technology will allow streamers to broadcast in the best possible quality without worrying that some viewers will not be able to watch. Viewers, for their part, will get both the best quality and the ability to watch broadcasts even with poor internet and old devices.