Twitch has updated its rules on sexual content following the scandal that erupted after the topless model Morgpie appeared on the OnlyFans service, writes Dexerto.

On December 8, 2023, a new “meta” gained popularity on Twitch after a video featuring streamer, cosplayer, and OnlyFans model Morgpie went viral on social media. During the broadcast, Morgpie appeared topless in front of the camera, but her actual nipples were never shown, so Twitch’s rules were not formally violated.

Three days later, Morgpie was banned, but now Twitch has officially changed its rules regarding sexual content on the platform and… allowed some sexual content, provided it is properly labeled.

The new rules allow: content that intentionally emphasizes the breasts, buttocks or pelvic area, even when the user is fully clothed; “fictional” fully nude female breasts and/or genitals or buttocks, regardless of gender; inscriptions on women’s breasts and/or buttocks, regardless of gender; erotic dancing that includes gestures of undress or disrobing, such as stripping; topless, grinding, and pole dancing are now allowed to be broadcast on Twitch without a label.

But, broadcasts marked “Drugs, intoxication or excessive tobacco use”, “Violence and repulsive images”, “Gambling”, “Sexual themes” will no longer be allowed on the Twitch homepage.

Twitch also admitted that its previous rules for such content “did not meet industry standards and resulted in disproportionate punishment of female streamers.”

This is a pretty major change to Twitch’s policy on sexual content. Even though the approach remains mixed and still not very transparent, many viewers are still happy with the changes that will take place on the site’s homepage.