Twitch is introducing changes to three streamer payout programs. The company removes the $100 thousand limit for 70/30 revenue sharing, expands the Partner Plus Program, and changes the payout model for Prime Gaming subscriptions.

Starting March 1, the Partner Plus Program will be expanded in three ways. The first is a new level that will allow more streamers to benefit. If a streamer gains 100 points in the expanded program for three consecutive months, they will be able to share the revenue from donated and paid subscriptions in a 60/40 ratio.

The threshold for the 70/30 section is reduced from 350 to 300 points. The company is also opening this program for partners. It is worth noting that the points are scored as follows: a 1st level subscription is worth 1 point, 2nd level – 2 points, 3rd level – 6 points.

Twitch is also removing the $100 thousand threshold. Previously, when streamers reached $100 thousand in subscription revenue, the ratio changed from 70/30 to 50/50, but now it will not be the case and streamers will always receive 70% of the revenue. This change has already taken effect.

And the last one is a change in the Prime Gaming subscription payment model. The company is switching to a model of fixed subscription rates that will directly depend on the country of the subscriber. For subscribers from Ukraine, this rate is $0.35. The list of all countries can be found here. The changes in Prime Gaming will take effect on June 3.