Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge may import tabs from other browsers without your consent

Microsoft really wants you to use Microsoft Edge. They want you so badly that they import data from other browsers into Microsoft Edge without your consent. According to The Verge, Tom Warren, after one of the latest Windows updates and a computer restart, Edge automatically launched and the browser had ... Read more

Microsoft Edge on smartphones gets AI Browser in its name

The Microsoft Edge browser on iOS and Android has received a new appendix to its name – AI Browser. According to 9to5Google, this note is not entirely new and some users have had it since September. Such innovations began to spread after the browser on smartphones received a Copilot-enabled update ... Read more

Microsoft Edge for Android will get support for Copilot artificial intelligence

The Canary version of the Microsoft Edge browser on Android now supports Copilot artificial intelligence, reports Windows Latest. Access to artificial intelligence will be in place of the new tab button, and Copilot itself will offer a similar set of functions to those available in a PC browser. Users will ... Read more

Microsoft really doesn’t want you to switch from Microsoft Edge to other browsers

It’s no secret that Microsoft is trying to promote their browser, Microsoft Edge, in every possible way and discourage you from downloading Chrome with various prompts. Now, as The Verge has noted, there will be even more of it. If you try to download Chrome from Microsoft Edge via Bing, ... Read more

Microsoft sends malware-like pop-ups to Chrome users

Microsoft is sending pop-ups to some users suggesting that they replace Google’s default search engine with Microsoft Bing in the Chrome browser, writes The Verge. According to the author of the publication, he became one of these users. His main computer is running Windows 11. A pop-up window appeared after ... Read more

Bing Chat is starting to compete with Google Bard in Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers

The leadership among chatbots remains with ChatGPT from OpenAI, which is also the “heart” of Bing Chat. The latter only works in the “native” Microsoft Edge browser, while Google Bard has no such limitation. But now Microsoft is expanding access to its chatbot, which is already starting to work in ... Read more

Edge may send all the images you view online to Microsoft

The buzz about Edge had not yet died down when it became known that the browser transmits data to Bing about the sites visited by users, but a new one is started. Another controversial Edge feature turns out to send all the images you view to Microsoft. This is done ... Read more

Statcounter: Safari beats Microsoft Edge again

Safari, the default browser on all Apple Macs, was ousted by Microsoft Edge last year and lost its second place as the world’s most popular browser. However, new data shows that Apple’s browser was once again able to overtake Edge, despite Microsoft’s efforts to expand the program’s functionality with artificial ... Read more

Microsoft Edge caught giving Bing data about the sites you visit

As Reddit user found out, Microsoft browser Edge sends almost all URLs that its users visit to the Bing API website. There is currently no official information on why Edge does this, but Rafael Rivera, one of the developers of the EarTrumpet system utility, who was addressed by The Verge ... Read more

Microsoft is trying to insert a giant banner on Chrome’s download page to get you to stay on Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10 and 11, making it the default app to download Chrome or other browsers. It’s clear that Microsoft is frustrated by this and the company is looking for ever more aggressive ways to push users to stay on Edge. One such step ... Read more

Microsoft integrates ChatGPT technology into Bing search and Edge browser

Microsoft has announced a new version of the Bing search engine, which is based on an updated version of the same artificial intelligence technology that underlies the ChatGPT chatbot, reports The Verge. The updated search engine will be launched together with the new functions of the Edge browser, which will ... Read more

Project Phoenix is a “testing ground” for testing new functions and elements of the Microsoft Edge interface

Twitter user WalkingCat has released a video with an internal concept of Project Phoenix — an “imaginary” version of Microsoft Edge in which the Microsoft User Research team tests the “viability” of new features and interface options. 'Phoenix' was an 'imaginary' version of Edge, appeared as an internal concept video ... Read more

Microsoft Edge will soon be able to display two sites in one window – using the split-screen function

Microsoft has begun testing an experimental split-screen feature in its Edge browser. This was reported by Reddit user Leopeva64-2. The feature is disabled by default, but is present in Beta, Dev and Canary versions. After its activation, a new button will appear next to the address bar, which will allow ... Read more

Microsoft Edge is now the world’s second most popular desktop browser, surpassing Safari

Microsoft Edge surpassed Apple’s Safari and became the world’s second most popular browser for desktops. This is evidenced by data from web analytics StatCounter. Microsoft Edge is currently used by 10.07% of desktops worldwide, 0.46% ahead of Safari, which accounts for 9.61%. Google Chrome remains in first place with a ... Read more

Microsoft Edge will receive a built-in VPN from Cloudflare

Microsoft is testing the VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature in Microsoft Edge to improve security and privacy when working online. Recently opened support page on the company’s website describes in detail the Microsoft Edge Secure Network feature, which provides data encryption and prevents tracking on the Internet, courtesy of Cloudflare.e. ... Read more