Safari, the default browser on all Apple Macs, was ousted by Microsoft Edge last year and lost its second place as the world’s most popular browser. However, new data shows that Apple’s browser was once again able to overtake Edge, despite Microsoft’s efforts to expand the program’s functionality with artificial intelligence tools.

According to Statcounter, which measures the popularity of browsers based on data collected from various websites, 11.87% of desktop users regularly use Safari, while Microsoft Edge ranks third with 11%.

Statcounter: Safari beats Microsoft Edge again

The most popular browser for desktop computers in the world remains Google Chrome with a market share of 66.13%. Compared to the previous year, Safari grew by more than 2%, while Microsoft Edge grew by just 1%.

Meanwhile, Chrome’s share remained largely unchanged, suggesting that Google’s browser is largely unaffected by competitors.

The full ranking of the most used desktop browsers according to Statcounter is as follows: Google Chrome (66.13%), Safari (11.87%), Microsoft Edge (11%), Firefox (5.65%), Opera (3.09 %) and Internet Explorer (0.55%).