Microsoft really wants you to use Microsoft Edge. They want you so badly that they import data from other browsers into Microsoft Edge without your consent.

According to The Verge, Tom Warren, after one of the latest Windows updates and a computer restart, Edge automatically launched and the browser had all the same tabs open that Tom had in Chrome.

According to him, he also checked the settings in Edge that are responsible for importing tabs and data from other browsers, and this feature was disabled.

He encountered the same problem on his laptop, where he also installed the latest update and Edge also opened automatically with all the tabs from other browsers. Tom was unable to reproduce the problem on other computers, but even without him, many users on social media reported similar effects of the update.

Zach Edwards tweeted back to Tom about his findings. He reinstalled Windows and found a setting that synchronizes information from Chrome to Microsoft Edge. In addition, he also found evidence that Microsoft collects this data if you are logged in and enable the sync feature.

Microsoft has not yet commented on this situation.