It’s no secret that Microsoft is trying to promote their browser, Microsoft Edge, in every possible way and discourage you from downloading Chrome with various prompts. Now, as The Verge has noted, there will be even more of it.

If you try to download Chrome from Microsoft Edge via Bing, you’ll get 3 different prompts. If you search through Google, the first prompt will not appear for obvious reasons.

After these three hints, which hint at the company’s desire to keep users in its own browser, another survey will appear in which Microsoft will try to find out what you don’t like about Edge.

Microsoft Edge

Personally, I haven’t seen this survey yet, unlike the previous three tips, but given Microsoft’s history with browsers, it wouldn’t be surprising if this is not the last such innovation.

In recent years, Edge has acquired a lot of useful features and, one might say, has become a really good browser, but such tips and attempts to promote it to every user have a somewhat negative effect.

Although it’s worth noting here that Google is not guilty of such methods either and often recommends installing Chrome when you use Google Docs, Sheets, or other Google products. The only difference is that the company cannot promote its browser through Windows as well.