Microsoft is testing the VPN (Virtual Private Network) feature in Microsoft Edge to improve security and privacy when working online. Recently opened support page on the company’s website describes in detail the Microsoft Edge Secure Network feature, which provides data encryption and prevents tracking on the Internet, courtesy of Cloudflare.e.

Microsoft Edge will receive a built-in VPN from Cloudflare

While it isn’t available yet, even if you have the latest Dev channel build, the Microsoft Edge Secure Network feature appears to be similar in nature to Cloudflare’s service. This is essentially a proxy or VPN service, which encrypts your browsing data so that it’s safe from prying eyes, including your ISP. It also keeps your location private, so you can use it to access geo-restricted websites, or content that’s blocked in your country.

Microsoft Edge’s Secure Network mode will require you to be signed into your Microsoft account, and that’s because the browser keeps track of how much data you’ve used in this mode. You get 1GB of free data per month, and that’s tied to your Microsoft account.

Cloudflare itself claims that it does not store any personal user data, and any data related to browsing sessions is deleted every 25 hours. Information related to the use of user data should also be deleted at the end of each month.