There may be fewer YouTube ads on TVs, but they will be longer

Google has announced its intention to change the display of YouTube ads on TVs. The company wants to make them longer but less frequent. According to the company, when watching long videos, viewers are more likely to perceive more ads at a time than if they are scattered throughout the ... Read more

X may lose even more advertisers, including political ones, because of Elon Musk

Platform X is facing the prospect of losing even more advertisers. This was stated by representatives of the advertising industry after Elon Musk scolded brands for abandoning the social network, writes Reuters. “We think there is a risk that more companies will stop advertising on X; at least on a ... Read more

Austria challenges paid subscription without ads on Facebook and Instagram

Meta may face problems due to the recent introduction of paid ad-free subscriptions on Facebook and Instagram for European Union users, reports Reuters. The company announced this service last month. The cost of a subscription is about 9.99 euros per month on the web or 12.99 euros on iOS and ... Read more

X Elon Musk may lose up to $75 million in advertising revenue after another scandal

Elon Musk’s social network X may lose up to $75 million in advertising revenue by the end of the year as global brands suspend advertising campaigns on the platform. This is reported by Reuters with reference to The New York Times. The publication has reviewed X’s internal documentation. According to ... Read more

The Xerox Alto in a 1979 advertisement that predicts the future

It’s amazing how accurately this 1979 Xerox Alto computer commercial predicts the future. Here you have email newsletters, the first WYSIWYG editor, a laser printer, an Ethernet network, a calendar with reminders, and even the forerunner of the modern language model. It is worth reminding that it was in the ... Read more

X CEO Linda Yaccarino believes that advertisers are leaving the social network temporarily

Global brands are stopping corporate advertising on X. However, Linda Yaccarino, the platform’s CEO, is convinced that this is only temporary. She wrote about this in a memo titled “Our Work Matters” to the social network’s employees, according to The Verge. Large companies began to refuse to advertise on X ... Read more

Apple receives 36% of Google’s revenue from search advertising in the Safari browser

Google pays Apple 36% of its search advertising revenue in the Safari browser. This was reported by Kevin Murphy, a professor at the University of Chicago and chief economic expert at Alphabet, according to Bloomberg. He voiced this figure while testifying during the US Department of Justice’s trial against the ... Read more

Microsoft Excel 4.0 in an advertisement from 1992

Once upon a time, software features that today seem quite commonplace and should be the default were a great innovation. For example, the features of Microsoft Excel 4.0, which can be seen in this 1992 advertisement. Excel 4.0 was part of Microsoft Office 2.5, 3.0, and 4.0 and worked with ... Read more

Google launches AI tools to help create ads

Google launches new generative artificial intelligence tools for advertising creation, reports The Verge. They will help with various tasks. For example, writing titles and descriptions that appear with search queries, or creating and editing accompanying images. Both advertising agencies and companies that do not have their own creative staff will ... Read more

“Hundreds of thousands” of deletions: YouTube users refuse to use ad blockers

YouTube users have begun to actively remove ad blockers, reports 9to5Google. They are taking this action because the popular video hosting service has stepped up its fight against ad blocking on its platform. YouTube has been carefully introducing these measures for months. For example, in the summer, it became known ... Read more

The EU launches paid subscriptions to Facebook and Instagram. How much will it cost?

Meta launches an ad-free paid subscription on Facebook and Instagram. The service is available throughout the European Union, reports The Verge. The subscription fee will be about 9.99 euros per month on the web or 12.99 euros on iOS and Android, including additional fees for these platforms. The ad-free subscription ... Read more

Matthew Perry in a Windows 95 commercial

Fans honor the memory of American actor Matthew Perry, who died on October 28 at the age of 54. They recall not only his starring role in the TV series Friends, but also many other projects. For example, Slashdot recalled that Matthew Perry joined the Windows 95 commercial. This happened ... Read more

Amazon is testing AI tools to help advertisers beautify photos of their products

Amazon is testing AI tools that will allow advertisers to decorate images of their products, reports The Verge. The new technology will make it easy to create backgrounds or scenes around the product being offered for sale. Amazon claims that the new feature is “designed to remove creative barriers and ... Read more

YouTube will provide video creators with tools for better advertising

YouTube content creators will get tools for better advertising in their videos. This is reported by The Verge with reference to the platform’s information. For example, creators can set timestamps so that the button to buy a conditional product appears in the video exactly when it is needed. In fact, ... Read more

After Elon Musk’s rebranding of Twitter, the company cuts ad prices

X Corp. is slashing ad prices in an effort to bring brands back to the Elon Musk-owned platform. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal with reference to emails sent to advertisers. The social network, formerly known as Twitter, is offering new incentives for certain advertising formats in the ... Read more

Twitter starts sharing ad revenue with verified authors

From now on, Twitter pays authors a share of the revenue generated from ads that appear in replies to their posts. This was reported by TechCrunch. Users who subscribe to Twitter Blue and have more than 5 million tweet views per month in the last 3 months are eligible to ... Read more

Branded content tools will move from Instagram to Threads

Instagram plans to move its branded content tools to its new Threads platform. This is reported by Axios. Such tools are not yet available on Threads, but Instagram plans to address this issue quickly. This will give marketers an opportunity to start experimenting with paid promotion. For their part, brands ... Read more

Netflix is preparing innovations in advertising: ads can be different, but on the same topic

Streaming service Netflix appears to be working on making ad breaks a little less repetitive and perhaps a little more tolerable. This is reported by Gizmodo. Netflix aims to innovate in “episodic” advertising campaigns. According to the Financial Times, which cites advertising leaders, in the basic package with ads (Basic ... Read more

YouTube is testing video viewing limits for users who block ads

YouTube is conducting a “small experiment globally” warning users to turn off ad blocking to avoid being limited to watching only three videos. This is reported by BleepingComputer. YouTube now displays a pop-up warning ad blockers that “video player will be blocked after 3 videos”. “It looks like you may ... Read more

Google denies misleading advertisers and violating its own rules

Google has denied “extremely inaccurate claims” that it may have violated its own rules and misled advertisers about viewing ads on third-party websites. This was reported by Engadget. Through the Google Video Partner (GVP) network and TrueView (an advertising product also used by YouTube), the company engages in placing video ... Read more

Google may receive an official antitrust complaint from the European Union

Google may receive an official antitrust complaint from the European Union. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the situation. That could pave the way for hefty fines and hit the bottom line of ad tech, which generates most of the company’s revenue. Google’s advertising business now accounts ... Read more

Google paid influencers to advertise a Pixel phone they never used

Google and the largest operator of radio stations in the United States iHeartMedia have been sued for unfair advertising of Pixel 4. FTC and four states say the companies aired “nearly 29,000 deceptive endorsements by radio personalities” during 2019 and 2020, and Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Samuel Levine said, ... Read more

MSI GeForce RTX 4080 video cards are now on sale! MSI will donate $200 from each video card sold to power banks for Kharkiv region and Donetsk region.

The Ukrainian representative office of the MSI company will send 200 US dollars from each sold GeForce RTX 4080 video card from the first batch for the purchase of 500 power banks. The Charitable Foundation Volunteer Union “PORUCH” will deliver and distribute them to people from recently liberated cities of ... Read more

Special SSD Spatium M480 Play drive for PlayStation 5 from MSI

The MSI company continues to actively develop the direction of drives and win the favor of gamers around the world. In addition to PC enthusiasts, the manufacturer decided to offer its solution for console gamers as well and created a unique product for PS5 fans — the Spatium M480 Play ... Read more

Google Play will prevent VPN apps from interacting with and blocking ads

As of November 1st, updated Google Play rules will prohibit VPN apps from interacting with or blocking ads. They state that only those applications that use the Android VPN service base class and primarily work as VPNs can create secure tunnels with remote services. But they are also prohibited from ... Read more