YouTube will fight against third-party clients that allow you to watch videos without ads. This was reported by 9to5Google.

Now users who use the relevant third-party apps will receive error notifications. For example, they will see the message “The following content is not available in this app” or encounter buffering issues.

“We want to emphasize that our terms don’t allow third-party apps to turn off ads because that prevents the creator from being rewarded for viewership, and Ads on YouTube help support creators and let billions of people around the world use the streaming service,” YouTube explained.

Users who prefer completely ad-free content are offered YouTube Premium.

“… when we find an app that violates these terms, we will take appropriate action to protect our platform, creators, and viewers,” the statement says.

As a reminder, YouTube is fighting against tools that allow users to avoid viewing ads on the platform. For example, last year, YouTube users started actively removing ad blockers.

They took such actions because the video hosting service has stepped up its fight against ad blocking on its platform. YouTube has been implementing these measures for months.

At first, YouTube conducted a “small global experiment,” warning users to disable ad blocking to avoid video viewing restrictions. Subsequently, the platform started blocking the viewing of videos with ad blockers.

However, not everyone has abandoned ad blockers – those users who used them have faced another problem. Their YouTube videos began to load slowly.