Google launches new generative artificial intelligence tools for advertising creation, reports The Verge.

They will help with various tasks. For example, writing titles and descriptions that appear with search queries, or creating and editing accompanying images.

Both advertising agencies and companies that do not have their own creative staff will be able to use these opportunities.

Google promises that it will not generate two identical images. This will avoid awkward situations when two competing businesses can get the same results for their queries.

A step-by-step AI ad builder will be available for those who use the Google Performance Max tool for advertising campaigns.

Among other things, users will be offered an image editing solution. It will be similar to the capabilities of the Magic Editor, which appeared in Google Pixel 8 smartphones.

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Thanks to AI, it will be possible to modify existing visual ads to update them for holidays or certain situations.

Earlier, Google announced the launch of a technology that will allow users to generate images in the search bar using artificial intelligence. The new feature was introduced in the AI-based search engine Search Generative Experience (SGE).