Meta launches an ad-free paid subscription on Facebook and Instagram. The service is available throughout the European Union, reports The Verge.

The subscription fee will be about 9.99 euros per month on the web or 12.99 euros on iOS and Android, including additional fees for these platforms.

The ad-free subscription will be available only to people aged 18 and over in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland. Initially, it will apply to all linked Facebook and Instagram accounts. However, starting March 1, 2024, each linked account will be charged an additional fee of 6 euros on the web or 8 euros on iOS and Android.

At the same time, Meta states that it will continue to provide free access to its products for people who do not want to pay for an ad-free subscription.

The introduction of paid subscriptions on Facebook and Instagram for the European market was expected. This idea was called a way for Meta to avoid conflicts with European regulators over data privacy, as social media advertising is based on the analysis of user data.